Escutcheon install

The door panel is pre-cut to take the remote adjuster for the sport mirror. The backing cloth and sponge needed to be removed before the inside vinyl is cut.

I then placed a piece of wood under the vinyl to keep it up against the hole and made the two diagonal cuts.

I pushed the escutcheon through from the inside (it has two prongs which just fit in the panel hole. The backing plate is then installed with two screw to secure the escutcheon to the door panel

The remote toggle switch mechanism is held in the escutcheon with an allen screw. Should be fun getting that together when fitting the door panel to the door!

Hard to see, but the remote mirror mechanism was damaged when last installed or removed. The threaded hole for the set screw is broken out on the front side.

The set screw will still fit and hold some, but it needs extra support. So I drilled and tapped another hole to add a second set screw. This one will just push against the remote mechanism and help keep it in place.

Remote mirror escutcheon in place and the door panel also.

Doors done 🙂

The engine in the Chevy is worn out. There are two cylinders with low compression and the timing chain is stretched. So it will need to be overhauled. I’d rather have an engine ready to install than take the time to remove and rebuild the existing engine. A Studebaker friend who also likes other brands has an engine from a late ’80s Chev truck that may be available to me. It is a black replacement engine. He has removed a head and the upper block looks good – clean and no sludge buildup. Also the cylinder wear appears minimal – in fact some the original cross hatching can still be seen. Next will be a check of the bottom end. If it looks OK as is or is rebuildable it will be a go for the Chevy.

Next, just some finishing touches and the Chevy will be ready for the driving season. With the engine as it is I’ll be keeping close to home – at least close enough for my CAA plan to get the car flatbedded home should the motor give out.

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