Tidying up

Just a few things to get done and the Chevy will be ready for spring.

Earlier in the winter I overhauled the power steering which meant I fiddled with the left and right tie rods. The caster and camber should be OK, but the toe needs to be checked.

The rear wheels are about 3/8″ wider than the front. So I made up a small block of wood 3/16″ thick and tucked it behind the string on the front of the tire on the high spot – missing the raised lettering. By rights the string should be 3/16″ away from the back of the front tire with the wheels in the straight-ahead position. As it turns out the right front string was just touching the tire so I has at least 3/16″ toe in on that side. The left string was about 2/16″ away from the tire so I had about 1/16″ toe. I adjusted the left tire tie rod until I got the same 2/16″ on the right tire. I ended up with a total of approximately 2\16″ toe in. The manual calls for 2 to7/16″ toe in so all should be good. Some time ago I mechanics teacher told me that the new tires tend to run straight so little if any toe is needed.

Time for a grease job. I didn’t do the greasing when I overhauled the power steering. There are a number of grease fittings on the linkage and PS control valve. Unfortunately the car has its original u-joints and so no fittings to add grease. After 45 years the grease must be quite dried out so I expect that will be a job to be done in the near future.

I picked up a set of anti-theft wheel studs for aluminum wheels from Zip Corvette. Should give some peace of mind if I have to leave it parked overnight.

Wheels back on and nuts torqued to 90 ft lbs with anti-theft nuts. All ready for the road 🙂

I’ll leave it on the Quick Jack to keep the car off the wheels for the next two months. Also it will make it easier to work on the dash.

Couple of arrivals from Corvette Depot. Some hood bumpers and a set of replacement front speakers. I’ll have to time to get them in before spring,

Next: getting the speakers in and taking a door off the Studebaker.

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