The nice new speakers refused to fit in the dash opening on the passenger side. The magnet is so big that it hits the bracket for the glove compartment lock. Bummer!

I bought them from Corvette Depot. So I went online and filled out the return form. I then was able to print off a return UPS label. Once I got the return approval email I boxed them up, ready for shipping. The company make it really easy to make returns.

I was going to buy another set of speakers from Corvette Depot, but the only other set that was supposed to fit the ’79 models was out of stock until maybe sometime in May. I was at Canadian Tire picking up some specials and I found a set of 4X6 Pioneer speakers. They looked like they might fit so I picked them up.

They fit just fine on the passenger side.

The speakers came with leads. Here I have soldered them to the original socket from the old speaker on the driver’s side. The leads are marked as + and – using different blade connectors. The Chevy service manual shows the tan lead as being the + side so I made sure the + lead wire was connected to the correct side of the plug.

The old speaker on the passenger side was a replacement and was hard wired in. The + side on the passenger side is the dark blue wire. Using bullet connectors I soldered ends on the leads and the original speaker wires – they are shown on the photo of the glove box opening above.

The installation bracket with the speakers fit the dash openings OK so easy to get the screws in – it was harder with the forward screws as there wasn’t enough room under the windshield to use a 1/4″ ratchet. I started them with fingers and tightened with a 9/32″ box end from a mini wrench set.

They sound great – especially using the cassette tapes. So now I’m really ready for cruising in the Chevy 🙂

Next: I’ll be working on Studebaker doors until I get the used replacement engine for the Chevy.

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