Door windlace, etc

Painting the area that will be under the new door seal. The blue plastic tape is good for getting a nice clean line.

The old windlace has a wider and stiffer attaching band.

To make up for the floppy attaching band I’m using the old windlace rubber as a filler. I have cut off the old windlace at the door top and will leave it in place. To do a proper job and replace that part of the windlace the headliner has to be removed and that means a new headliner. That may happen, but down the road and I’ll buy all new windlace at that time.

The choice of windlace colours is limited. I chose the light blue. I should have bought a darker tone. But it is a whole lot nicer than the old stuff. And as I said I’ll buy new stuff when I replace the headliner. Also, not only do you need to replace the headliner to do a proper job on the windlace, you also have to remove the dash to get at the hidden windlace clips!!! I have managed to get the windlace to stay behind the dash, but it would have been nice to have it attached in that location.

My test paint. I wanted to use a primer that can go over rust, but I wasn’t sure that it could stand the harsh solvents used in spray bombs. I put down a coat of Rustoleum filler primer. The label didn’t say not to use cover paint with strong solvents ( Tremclad paint, also made by Rustoleum, does warn against using cover paints with strong solvents). I left it for a day and then gave it a coat of Richelieu blue automotive acrylic enamel. After a day it still hadn’t acted upon the primer so it’s a go 🙂

Next: painting the door edges.

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