More door work and a street rod project.

Starting work on the passenger side front door. It should go easier with lessons learned from the first door.

The regulator was pretty stiff so I decided to get it on the bench were I could get at all its ‘joints’.

Likewise the door latch.

Old seal glue removed, rusted areas sanded and taped off ready for paint.

Back to the drivers door. Seal and door panel in place.

To seat the new seal which is making closing the door stiff, I moved the door striker out a tad so it was easier to close. I will leave the seal to take a set for a couple of days then over a few more days, move the striker back in bit-by-bit until the door is closing properly.

This is a shot of a friends ’57 Studebaker Champion that he is doing over into a nice classic driver. He has adapted an original Mustang II front end to the body at this point.

He has upgraded the front end with 11″ brakes and has overhauled the power rack. The original frame fronts are back in place to fit the original front end components. He has also replaced all ball joints, springs and bushings.

This is a late model LS 350 Chev engine and overdrive trans from a 3/4 ton truck van that he plans to install. It will also include air conditioning.

I’ll post his progress from time to time.

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