Door progress and ’57 update

Left front door finished and back on the car. It went a lot faster and easier with lessons learned from the other front door!

Both door sides need the trim holes filled and there is a small dent on the left door needing attention. I have sanded it down and then coated the bare metal with Rust Converter to be sure any rust left over is turned to primer.

I opted for this setup rather then using the grinder and a flapper wheel. A lot less noise and flying dust this way. With a smaller wheel it worked better for the smaller grinding needed.

Ford rims and temporary tires on the ’57 Studebaker project.

The engine has been moved out of storage and soon will be positioned in the car so that new motor mount pads can be fabricated.

In between some small rusted out areas on the fenders need to be fixed. Same problems with front fender rusting that all early cars without inner fenders suffered.

Next: Finish door repairs and put the front bumper back on and see if I like it better with a bumper than without.

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