Getting rid of the bugs

Time to replace the right rear disk. The others are passable for now. Best deal was from Rock Auto. $92 to my door. Best local price was $98 plus tax.

Just gonna use a floor jack for this simple job. In the end I should have put it up on the quick jack!

An original rotor. The five rivets are still in place.

Unlike other cars this rotor is not connected by a flex hose. So the brake line and caliper needed to be removed. The brake fluid wanted to drip out of the line so I used a plug to keep from draining all the fluid out of the master cylinder. I should have put a plug in the caliper as well. It wanted to shoot fluid out when I pushed apart the shoes to get it on the rotor.

I centre punched the rivets as best I could and drilled in about a 1/4″ with a 1/4″ drill. The rivets seem to be mild steel so the drilling was fairly easy with a sharp bit.

I then went at the holes with a 3/8″ bit and the rivet heads came off on the drill for the most part.

Some gentle tapping with a maul and the rotor slipped off.

All original as dusty with a patina of rust. The rear shoe has a bit broken off the top end and the rivets are just holding it on. Should be OK until I redo all the parking brake system. I’ll spray it down with brake clean and then blow it out with air. A little spray of white grease will keep it good for now.

More soon…

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