Getting out the bugs – part II

Rotor off with the rivets sticking out. The new rotor doesn’t have openings for the rivets.

Ideally the rivets should be removed, but with the parking brake mechanism in place this isn’t easy. Also I didn’t want to hammer too hard on the axle shaft flange for fear of bending it. The rivets are stuck tight to the flange so I ground off the ends and peened each with a centre punch to help keep them in place. When I redo the parking brakes I’ll find a tool to press the rivets out, but for now they are staying in.

With the new rotor held in place I checked out the runout. The dial gauge is a must have even for the shade tree mechanic. U tubes I have watched say .007 is OK. The manual says no more than .005. This rotor came in at .005 so all’s good and I shouldn’t get vibrations from it on braking.

The last step was to adjust the parking brake. I did as per the book – tighten until the rotor won’t turn then back off 6-8 notches. A bit of a pain working so low -should have used the Quick Jack! To get the drag right I pulled the parking brake up until one wheel locked. In this case the left rear wheel locked so I tightened up the right a couple of notches and then they both locked up at the same point on the brake handle.

More still to come…

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