Getting the bugs out – part III

One of the balance weights on the left front wheel got rubbed off by the caliper. It was stacked on top of the weight beside it. I put it back on beside the weight thinking that is better than leaving it off. I’ll know if there is a problem if the steering wheel vibrates.

I took the opportunity to check the run out on the rotor. It also is an original rotor – rivets still in place. It had virtually no run out – maybe .001

Next job was to snug up the steering box to remove about 1″ slack at the edge of the steering wheel. The manual has a whole lot on how to do the job. I believe the steering wheel is at top dead centre so I just tightened the screw just to the point of snug removing all the screws loose feeling. That removed the 1′ play. I’ll need a test drive to be sure.

Now onto the door. The regulator spring was lifting off at its centre point and the window mounting bar was rubbing on it as it went past. So I removed the spring and using hammers squeezed the centre mounting gap together just a little bit. Enough so that I had to use a hammer to tap the spring into the slot. That seemed to do the trick. I could have welded a washer on top of the centre mount, but I don’t think that is necessary.

Next: time for some summer driving 🙂

And on my Bud’s Studie project

In for a penny…. He didn’t really want to get into a lot of body work, but he couldn’t live with bad headlight eyebrows. Patching with putty wasn’t suitable so he fashioned some sheet metal an replaced the top and undersides of the eyebrows. He bought some matching paint to do the fenders.

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