Getting the bugs out – part IV

The test drive went OK except that the brake light comes on when the brakes are applied. Seems that the front and back parts of the dual system are out of balance. So time to bleed all the calipers.

With the tires off I decided to check all the run out numbers: LF .001, LR .007, RF .004, RR .005. So it looks like I’ll replace the left rear when I do the parking brake overhaul. Should be OK for now. The left front rotor above is not wearing evenly. the bottom 30% closest to the hub isn’t showing contact with the brake pads. I notice I still have a bit of right pull on hard braking. This may be the culprit. I’ll bleed out the brakes and see if that helps. Otherwise it will mean new pads.

Still a bit of slack in the steering so I snugged up the adjusting screw just a bit more and we’ll see how that does.

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