Bugs and holes

Bugs out of the Chevy. Stopping nicely and engine running good except that the idle is too low. Funny how changes you make seem to settle down after a bit of driving. The last adjustment to the steering box removed pretty much all of the looseness that I felt.

In the meantime I’m still trying to fix leaks in the ’66 Studebaker trunk. I found a small hole in the front left corner of the trunk where the three different panels meet. This is always a hard part to seal. The factory used bronze and a hard white filler. When I replaced the fender this point didn’t get sealed and now there is “a hole where the rain came in” as the song goes.

I’m using Xtra rubber seam sealer. Nice sticky stuff that can be painted.

I pushed a blob into the corner and then used a popsicle stick to smooth it around.

Painted with a coat of semi-gloss rust paint. It goes on shiny and will dull when dry.

Next: Not sure. Both cars are good to drive and I’ll do that until something comes up. Still waiting on my engine. Lots of planning and part searching for that job 🙂

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