A new beginning

Time to start the winter projects.  The one big benefit of living in a country where you can’t enjoy driving for 5 or so months and you can focus on repairs and improvements to your favourite rides.

This year I’m doing the doors on the ’54 Champion.  I have new door trim boards land will be transferring the old vinyl to them.  I will also be replacing the front door seal.  It got destroyed when I positioned the door too far forward and it crushed the upper part of the seals.  I may attempt to install a new style radio but, that may not happen.

Second, I am starting the build on a 289 V8 using components from a ’63 Jet Thrust engine.  The JT block was destroyed so now I’m going to use a later model 259 bare block to put together a new JT 1841

My third project has nothing to do with Studebakers unfortunately.  I have a ’74 Dodge half ton that has been repainted and needs it’s trim re-installed.  I won’t be covering that on this blog.

Hope you find it interesting.

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