Driving the C3

Driving season is upon us – happy days! I’m still not happy with the door fit. The new rubbers mean the doors have to be slammed to close completely. I”m hoping that in time the rubbers with ‘take a fit’ and closing will be less dramatic. Another bug popped up when I went out one cool morning and I couldn’t get any warm air from the heater. The temperature gauge would rise to the proper temperature then drop down to under 100 degrees and stay there. A sure sign of a sticking thermostat I have been told. So that will be a little task in the next few days.

Meanwhile my Bud’s still working on his ’57 Stude project.

Don has repaired both front fender headlight brows and has cleaned the insides and painted them with Tremclad semi-gloss rust paint. They can now be put aside until it is time to fit them back on after the new motor has been fitted to the body.

Then engine looks like it will fit OK, but a large section of the transmission hump had to be removed to allow the engine to fit.

One big concern was whether the LS engine pan would fit behind the steering gear. Fortunately it looks like it will fit OK.

The transmission is not on the engine at this time. It is away being rebuilt with a new case.

Next task will be to get engine mounts fitted to the frame. New mounts will be used on the engine and brackets to attach them to the frame will need to be fashioned.

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