Thermostat fix part II

Housing and new thermostat in place. Some gasket maker squeezed out around the edges. That can be cut off later for a neater look. I followed the instructions on the sealant tube and first tightened just until the sealant started to squeeze out then left it for about an hour and then torqued the bolts to 15 then 30 ft lbs. I will now leave it for 24 hours to let the sealant cure completely. This area is leak prone so I’m doing everything I can to seal it up well. The next day the seal held and the temperature got up to 195 or so and held nicely 🙂

In the meantime I fixed the air intake pipe clamp. Some careful filing and I got the old pin out of the plastic arm.

Had a small 1/8″ rivet and washer that fit nicely. It would have been nice to put the washer on the inside out of sight, but the hose is a tight fit and so I needed to minimize on the inside.

Little more than the original on the inside.

Next: Time to do some driving and see if I can shake out any new bugs!

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