Doors and lifters…

Back working on the doors trying to get them to close nice and the windows to seal better by adjusting the glass position. This is the right door and it is working quite well. I have it apart to compare to the left door which doesn’t close any where near as nicely.

The top shot is of the left door and the bottom the right. As you can see the door glass fits further back on the right door which helps a lot with proper fitment. There is no way I can move the glass any further back on the left door. This leaves me with a small gap at the top of the door that I can’t adjust out. In the end I had to used a length of 1/4″ foam tape on the top of the window gasket ( the section on the removable roof panel) to seal it enough to eliminate most of the wind noise. Not a good situation, but what can you do!

Back to trying to find the source of the engine miss. It is an even miss that is constant at all speeds. A mechanic told me it is likely a cylinder that is misfiring. Easiest way to identify the cylinder is to use a hand held unit like the one above to check the temperature of each exhaust point. I did this and #2 cylinder’s temperature was well under that of the other cylinders. The plugs above are the #2 plug on the left and a good used plug on the right. The #2 is full of carbon is oily. and doesn’t seem to be firing.

I replaced the plug with a good one , but no difference.

Time to check the lifter settings. I have set them cold, but this time I’ll try a hot setting. The clips along the top are something I have kept over the years from back in the ’70s when I had a 427 C2 and I needed to set the solid lifters on a hot running engine. They stop oil spurting out of the holes in the rockers. The rag along the bottom was an attempt to keep oil off the hot manifolds.

I suspect bad lifters so I just set the #2 lifters to zero lash. That got the cylinder working again, but I still have the persistent miss!

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