Chasing the misfire

Setting the lifters hot is messy and even with rags on the exhaust manifold I was getting spillover onto the floor. So I took and old valve cover and cut the top off. More at the top than the bottom.

Fits like a charm. Just enough room for the rocker clips to miss the top edge of the valve cover. I ran a rag across the exhaust manifold in case of splatter, but since I wasn’t revving the engine all the oil stayed in the valve cover.

I adjusted each valve to zero lash and then added one quarter turn. I’m not sure if any of the lifters are collapsed so I didn’t want to tighten too far. The valves are nice a quiet, but the misfire is still there!!!

Next I will test for an air leak at the intake base runners.

I’ve had the valve covers off three or four times at least and it is a real pain getting the short bolts in place on the bottom edge with the reinforcement arms. I don’t like the long T screws used by some rodders, but I can appreciate the ease. So I made up some long replacements using stainless bolts. I ran an nut up the thread ends and tightened it a bit. I also use shake-free lock nuts.

Now it’s a lot easier to get the valve cover tied down. The only place it didn’t work was under the AC compressor bracket. I still have to use a short bolt there. I don’t use a ratchet on the bolts. I only tighten them as much as I can by hand using a socket with a screwdriver handle. Works super so far.

When I’m satisfied with that all’s well with the lifters I can always take the time to put back the short bolts.

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