How to ruin cylinder honing stones!

This is #1 main bearing saddle.  A red patina all way around.  Simple to clean up.  I’ll just use my 3″ cylinder hone and some wd 40 lubricant.

It did a pretty nice job except for a little rust not cleared out from the center.   On to do the other four saddles

About the same but getting progressively worse.  Here’s why.

The hone stone ended up wearing really fast. I noticed this after the third saddle.  So I replaced the worst stone and did the 4th.  Not as bad.  For the last one I replaced two of the worst stones – I didn’t have any more!  Two good and one not so good did a fair job.

The caps didn’t fair out any better. Especially the rear cap.

Nothing for it but to finish the clean-up by hand.

400 grit wet/dry sandpaper (with water), some elbow grease and the centers cleaned up nicely.

The caps came out nice too.

The main bearing notches were not easy to clean with sand paper.  But they did clean up real fast with a dentists dental scraper.  Whenever I go to the dentist I ask for some old scrapers – ones that look like the one above. My dentist’s hygienists usually have a handful of old scrapers and picks.  Great for getting in small places to clean out rust and crud.


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