Yet more cleaning

This block cleaning is a whole lot of bother. Normally you have the block cleaned, bored and checked by an automotive engine re-builder and there is no need for all this cleaning.  I could have sent the block out but, all the cleaning in the world would not have removed the surface rust that needed to be removed and it made no sense to pay someone to do grunt work.  So I’ll soldier on and get ‘er done!

A little flat filing, some wire brush work with solvent and taping out the bolt holes, except the oil gallery plug, and the back of the engine is ready for the next step.

Time to do a final clean out of the block from top to bottom.  I’ve upended it on the work bench so that I can flush any left over crud out the two oil galleries.

Here’s another Princess auto item I picked up to clean out the oil passages.  I will end up using the brass brushes. The only drawback to these, for this job, is that they are too short to reach down the full length of the oil galleries.

While working my puzzler an idea popped into my head.  Ever wonder where these ideas come from?  Well this one was just right.  I realized that I might be able to use my shotgun cleaning kit to clean out the oil galleries.  Sure enough the 20 gauge brush fit the oil gallery bore perfectly.

Next on with the job.

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