Piston Prep

This is one of a set of Hepolite pistons I plan to use.  They were made for Studebaker V8s and .040 oversize. They came with cast top rings and a three piece oil ring with chromium plated steel rails.

They are full dish pistons and have been in storage since 1966 or 1967 according to the information in the piston box.  They were made by Associated Engineering, England.  No idea how they made there way to Nova Scotia, but they were included in old dealer inventories likely from Isenor Motors in Halifax or Irving Boss Garage in Maccan, NS.

As you can see from the photos there are dark areas where there is slight surface oxidation. This will be cleaned off a bit later.

Lots of information with the pistons on fitment of the rings, pin removal, clearances and engine break in.  I’ll follow all the directions.

The directions state that the bore should be .040 plus up to .0010.  After much honing all the bores are .0010 or less over .040.

The rings need to be removed so that I can clean out any crud in the ring groves and the dark grey spots on the outside.  My first attempt to remove a top ring was not successful!

Fortunately I remembered I had a ring install/remove tool.  I got it for the smaller pistons in the Champion engines but, as it turns out it works pretty good for these larger pistons.

I’ve removed all the rings and bagged them with a piston number.  I also scratched a piston number in the top of each piston.

Next I’ll tackle the crank.


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