Crank continuing…

A note on buying new rear main seals.  FelPro sells a seal for Stude v8’s – BS 10053-1.  It includes the top and bottom halves and the rubber extensions are part of the top or bottom.  What is not included are the two cork sealing blocks that come with all Studebaker rear main seals.  They are a must, but are not included in the FelPro product.  If you buy your seals from a Studebaker vendor they will likely be included. Made in China – it’s getting so it’s hard to find  products made in the US, Canada or anywhere except China and other nations in the far east.

Nothing too exciting.  Just starting to clean up and polish the rod journals.  They are wider and I needed to do an extra wrap with the lace for the spinning to work effectively.

Cleaned and polished they are a pleasure to look at.  The camera is very good at showing up the slightest imperfections in the journals.  With the naked eye it just looks mirror smooth.  It was hard to detect any imperfections with my finger nail – not the most effective test, I know. Only three journals to go.  I did finish cleaning up the crank sealing surface for the rear main seal.  A picture later.


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