Door panels and rubbers

A nice tight fit at the door front.

A somewhat wider gap at the back, but fairly even.

The door panels themselves are fairly presentable. I do need to change the colour of the armrests. You can just make out a bulge in the lower front.

Upper door trim, handles, etc removed.

A handy little tool for prying out door panel and other clips. I’ve had it for years and I have used it often.

You can just make out the waves in the blue section of the door pane.

The panel is a whole lot worse than it appears in the photo.

Rear bottom corner looks really sad. No wonder the panel was wavy!

Front bottom corner isn’t much better.

Before removing the door I traced out the hinge to help make the re-install a bit easier.

The door latches look pretty ugly too without paint. They didn’t get painted when the car was done. No idea why not. It’s been a few years since it was painted. I don’t have any of the original paint so I’ll just give them a nice coat of chassis black.

Not very sophisticated but I find this getup works to hold up the weight of the door while I take it off. The adjustable seat pushes up nicely on the door taking the weight. My wife will hold the outer end steady while I remove the last two hinge screws.

Next – the rubber situation.

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