More door stuff

Before applying the weatherstrip contact cement I traced out the rubber’s shape to help put the cement where it should be.

I’m using 3m weatherstrip cement. The brush is a disposable that I have shortened to make it stiffer. It will only last long enough to put on the two strips of weather seal.

It has been awhile since I bought a tube of 3M weather seal. My last tube was a product called rapid dry… It was a bear to put on and it dried too quick. Half the time you were pulling off the semi-dry sealant while trying to spread it around. This stuff is much better to spread and it dried quick enough for me.

Stuck on real nice.

I did the fender seal in two parts. The upper part is a bit tricky to place correctly. Doing it by itself was easier. After it was well stuck I applied the cement to the fender track and then to the rubber. I could have held the rubber until it tacked up – as I said above it dries quickly, but not too fast.

I’m also installing new front window channels. These are really hard on the thumbs to get into place. The only way I could fit it in was to slide it into the outer lip in the trim strip and then use a tool to push the inner lip into the trim slot. I got about an inch or so in at the top and then pushed the rubber up into position at the top of the door frame. Easier that way.

This is a nylon tool for working window seals without damaging them. Good to use here – I used the wide end. A screwdriver might work but the sharp edges could damage the seal. Could only do an inch at a time. Not a fun task!

I want to move the door to the rear by about 1/8″. To make it a little easier I made a line towards the front of the door. This is the left door. I’ll line up the door with the front line to start the fitting process.

I don’t mind had painting. Here’s the latches and strikers and striker spacers are all in prime. I’ll give them two coats of chassis (satin) black. A very forgiving paint when doing hand painting.

Next – getting the door back in place. This is a time consuming process. Adjust a little here and then fit a little there until it is all right. I will go ahead and do the second door once this one is in place. Before all that I have to do some work on my ’74 Dodge -the Big Yeller Express. I won’t put that on a Studebaker blog! So it will be a few weeks before I get back to the engine work.

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