Tight fit for the PS ram cylinder

This is the ram cylinder.  All set and ready to install.  If only the frame was pre-drilled for the mount.  I installed a similar PS system in an Avanti and the frame was already pre-drilled at the factory which made the ram install a lot easier.

Here’s a shot of the area where the ram has to be installed.  The bottom of the rad frame is on the left and the front cross member is on the right.  The big spiral electrical cover about in the center is a result of my elimination of the spaghetti connections on the fan shroud.  It will have to be relocated.  Maybe hung from the bottom of the fan shroud.  Just to the right you can see the fuel line curving around the cross member.

While digging around on the web for some help locating the ram mount on the frame I came across this photo of an installed ram on what I believe is a Lark.  You can see that the ram is squeezed between the sway bar mount and the front cross member.  Since I planned to also upgrade the front sway bar to the newer setup this might help in fitting the ram.

Here’s my left sway bar bracket from a donated unit out of a late model GT Hawk


Here’s a shot of the body mount bolts I will use to install the left bracket.  The front bolt is just ahead of the electrical wire cover and the rear will be the left of the two in the center of the photo.

I have test mounted the bracket using a new longer grade 5 bolt to replace the shorter rear most bolt. The front bolt was long enough.  As you can see the space between the mount and the front cross member is quite narrow – it isn’t as bad as the photo makes it but you get the idea.  As it turns out the fuel line is also in the way and will have to be re-bent  to open up the area for the ram.

I test mounted the ram and the fuel line is definitely a problem.  Next I’ll remove the front section of the fuel line and try to bend it so that it is out of the way of the ram.

Off to our Atlantic Canada Chapter AGM tomorrow so I it may be a couple of days before I can get back to the project.

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