Still on the doors

I have one door installed and complete and am mostly done with the second door. For a break I decided to break down one door panel to see what I’m up against. No trouble removing the door clips all around the sides and bottom. Next I pulled all the staples. They are 1/8″ deep. That may be a problem as I have not been able to find any for a hand staple gun. they are all a bit longer and thicker. When I did the rear quarter panels I had to use small wads of man-made fiber I had lying around to staple through so that the points didn’t go beyond the mounting board. Same issue here I bet.

Next I removed the two trim strips. They are held on by pointed tabs that protrude through the backing board and are simply bent over to hold the trim in place. The majority were in good shape, but there are one or two which might not put up with being re-bent. I’ll try to bend them back in the same direction they were removed.

The two trim strips. Why one has such an arc I don’t know. It will be a problem unless I can somehow straighten it out. The tab strip seems to be holding it in that position. Notice that the new backing board does not have any holes to take the trim strips. I assume this is because these boards were common over many years with many styles of interior trim. The original trim strip tabs were actually pushed through the original backing board as far as I can see. No chance this is going to happen with the new stiffer backing boards. Once the vinyl is in place I’ll drill or punch out a hole for each tab to ease the install.

The vinyl is two toned and each part is separate. This will make the job even more fun! You can just make out the original padding along the bottom of the photo. It is thin (1/8″) loose felt-like material. It also covered the back of the beige top piece. There is a layer of it behind the sewn fabric on the bottom section. It will have to stay as I’m not taking the stitching out. You can just make out the holes for the trim tabs.

The bottom panels with the stitched-in fabric and filler has warped over the years. I will have to glue the panel to the backing board to flatten in out. Sounds simple, but gluing with good contact cement doesn’t allow for any mistakes. This is going to be a bit of a trick.

But back to the second door. I’ll be back with more news when I can continue with the door panels.

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