Starter # 2

This is an Autolite starter that will be the main unit. I have also built a backup Delco-Remy to keep in the trunk. Here I’m putting in the main battery positive post.

Here I have installed the brush plate. The arrows point to where I attached the leads from the secondary field coil. One lead is already attached to the battery + terminal and the other is yet to be attached to a ground point.

Here I have installed the mid-plate and bearing and the bendix. I will attached the mid plate to the snout and then put the unit in the vice and drop the field coil housing over the armature. I did a final check on the field coils and the armature with my 110 volt tester to be sure all was good before final assembly.

Armature in place.

Good used brushes are all in place. The starter is all assembled at the time of this post, but now I see that the bottom brush may be held out by the wire covering. As the brushes wear they have to have freedom of movement to adjust inwards. I’ll pull off the commuter end plate and remove a bit of the wire’s covering.

Just a shot of the new commuter end plate. I was able to get this plate as well as a new mid-support plate w/bearing from Stephen Allen’s. I find they are a good source of parts. Especially the more hard to fine ones. I added a few drops of oil to the felt at the back of the bearing.

All assembled and almost ready for paint. I used a bit of chain lube on all of the bearings. They are oil impregnated bearings, but a little extra should help the initial wear-in. It sticks well and for the amount the starter spins it should stay in place. I will tape off the bendix opening and any other openings before sand blasting the field coil body for paint.

A little diversion, but now I must bite the bullet and build the new door panels for the ’54.

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