Finishing up the door panel

This is the contact cement that I used. Excuse the french. Should have checked before I shot the photo.

Lining up the tangs with the holes in the vinyl. One of the holes in the vinyl was a bit off so I marked it and bored the hole in the matching spot.

Holes bored to match the tangs.

I used a set of blunt nosed pliers to bend each tang over. I bent the tang in the direction of the closest edge of the bored hole. I pressed down firmly on the backing board while making the bend.

This isn’t an actual shot of me straightening out a tang. Just a shot to show how I straightened out the tang without bending the bottom of the tang were it meets the stainless trim strip. I believe the weak point is at that point when re-bending. So I held the end of a file at the back of the bend and then pushed up on the pointed end of the tang. Seems to work OK. None of the tangs failed.

That is except for one! It was very rusty and broke off right away. So I cut a thin piece of galvanized metal, mixed up some 5 minute epoxy and glued it to the trim strip. I slipped the bottom of the ell into the hole with lots of epoxy and held it up against the inside of the trim strip until it set.

this is the epoxied tang. Not as big as the others, but seems to be holding fine.

OK, panel ready to be installed. I per-aligned the hold-on clips so it should be a breeze. It was until I tried to fit the window handle then all went south! More in the next blog.

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