A bend too far!


We had a great annual general meeting on Saturday.  Nice sunny day and there were 30 people in attendance. We also had a long time mechanic and teacher give a talk.  He brought along a table of odd items for us to try and identify.  Some were old and very tricky.

They included a nail puller trans front pump, a lead bar for body filling, a Champion side electrode adjuster, and early electric flasher, a rod from a 1920s Studebaker, an early regulator, a mould for casting musket balls, etc.

Back to the ’54 PS project – this is what the fuel line needs to look like if it is to clear the PS ram.  The 64 year old steel fuel line really didn’t want to take these hard bends.  It wanted to kink with each bend.  In the end it looked very ugly and just won’t do.  I’m off to the parts supplier today to get some new more flexible 5/16″ pipe.  We’ll have to see how that goes.

Meanwhile I took the steering arm off the left side knuckle.  The quick steering arm (from Studebaker Intl) is just below it so you can see the difference.  I expect to reduce the steering wheel lock to lock from 5.5 turns down to about 4.5.

Next will be the job of routing the new fuel line and positioning and installation of the PS ram.

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