Regulator woes

First thing I did was to make up some new backing pads. Later cars used springs, but in these years it was still foam. 50+ year old foam does not look good.

Next I installed the new panel, but, when I tried to put the window crank handle on I found I couldn’t do it! No matter how hard I pressed I couldn’t get the handle on. I even cut back on the foam I made up (see above), but no luck. If I took off the stainless escutcheon it would fit. There must have been a lot of pressure on the door panel to leave such a deep dark imprint. So I went to the door I had completed earlier to see what was up.

On the other door the regulator snout sticks well out from the panel. There’s a problem somewhere.

Here is the regulator removed. The snout is about 1/2″ verses the other side which is a full 1-1/4″. I have checked the parts book and a vendor catalogue, but I cannot see where a K style window regulator with a short snout is used.

Fortunately I found a K series regulator with a long snout. It was left on top of a car and exposed to the elements for an unknown amount of time. Pretty rusty all over, but not so bad that it couldn’t be usable if it could be loosened up.

The long snout lower regulator all loosened up, cleaned and painted with POR 15 – that stuff loves to stick to rust. Next I got it installed in the door.

When I rolled down the window it didn’t want to go all the way. It stayed up about three inches. Come to find out that the window down stop (see the short L shaped piece spotted to the main arm above) was hitting the back of one of the screws holding the regulator in place – it’s the lower one on the right side of the photo.

Things they don’t tell you in the service manual. Three of the screws are the same as the long one above and one is shorter. As it turns out even the shorter one hit the window stop. So I cut off a couple of threads and all worked fine after that.

Something else they don’t talk about in the service manual is this adjusting bolt at the bottom of the regulator plate. In order to fit the window to the regulator you need to fit two pins into slots in the frame at the bottom of the window. This bolt allows for a slight adjustment to the angle of the regulator arm so that the pins line up properly. I left it loose and got the pins in the window frame then I snugged it up. After getting the pins clipped in place I again loosened the nut and let the regulator and window frame adjust to fit each other. I then tightened up the adjuster bolt.

Panel finally in place. I didn’t like removing and replacing the panel for fear that the clips would pull out taking some of the panel with them. In fact, two clips did break, but fortunately the board did not suffer damage. The trimmed backing board fit well. I would do that again for sure.

The glue is holding well and the panel is nice and flat. Job done 🙂

In a couple of days I’ll be getting back to my JT engine project. Hope you check in then for that.

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