Closing up the front

Parts ready to install the timing cover and close up the front of the engine.

Here I have put a very thin coat of gasket sealant (Permatex) on both sides of the gasket. I was having trouble getting a thin coat on my gaskets. If the coating is too thick the gasket tries to squeeze out when torque is applied to the bolts. I realized that the sealant had thickened up over time. It calls for rubbing alcohol for thinning. Worked much better after.

First I installed the timing cover with the bolt just lightly snugged. The pink inside the timing cover crank opening is a new felt seal used by Studebaker. Some folks go to the trouble converting to a modern rubber seal. I found that a replacement felt in my old Avanti worked just fine – I made sure to drill a couple of 1/8″ holes in the bottom of the felt retaining ring on the inside to let excess oil drain away.

Before I installed the pan block I put a little red silicone high temp sealant down to help manage future leaks. Studebaker and indeed all older engines liked to leak. It just wasn’t a big deal back in the day if some oil leaked; plus the technology wasn’t there to manage oil leakage.

With the pan block in place I torqued all the bolts to spec.

Next was the JT harmonic dampener. A bigger unit than that used on the standard V8 models. I put some anti-seize on the inside of the pulley bore and installed it on the engine. To install it, since I don’t have the proper tool – again, I started it on the snout with a dead blow hammer. Before that I used a couple of chisels to hold the back of the crank from moving. Once started I used a small maul and a block of hardwood to get the dampener on far enough so that the crank end screw could be turned in at least 1″ I then used the screw and washer to pull the balancer onto the snout. Not the best way. Next time, if there is a next time, I will get a length of threaded rod made up to screw into the snout all the way and extend out beyond the pulley. I’ll then use a big nut on the end of the rod to push the balancer on.

I’ve added the power steering pulley to the end of the balancer. I just need to install the snout screw and lock to have the front end finished. Beginning to look like and engine:-)

Time to begin the work on the heads.

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